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There is no “I” in Power Team

November 01, 2020

Tarzana, CA – Professional Network Alliance (PNA)

Michael Resnik and Dennis Rose are members of PNA along with Gary Schwartz and Joe Tishkoff (pictured below).

The idea of Givers Gain is alive and well within the PNA Chapter. The chapter continues to encourage professionals to work with one another, sell through the membership and share best practices so all can be successful.  PNA chapter founded in January 2004 is the model chapter for the San Fernando Valley (Southern CA Region).  The chapter for the past 6 fiscal-years has boasted seven-digit Value Given results for its membership. 

Photo Credit: David Schub of Schub Studios, BNI – Professional Network Alliance Chapter

Left to Right: Dennis F. Rose - CPA - Gary Schwartz - Estate Planning Attorney , Michael Resnik - Financial Advisor - Joe Tishkoff, Mortgage Broker

In early September, Joe Tishkoff, Mortgage Broker was working with one of his clients on a refinancing deal (Client S).  Joe, adds value for his clients by providing a review of financial status and identifying needs. Joe, thought it would be a good idea that Client S should speak with Michael Resnik, Financial Advisor (21-year BNI Member).  Michael set up an appointment to review what Client S wanted to accomplish and determine if his firm would be a good fit for Client S’s needs.  Michael like Joe does his best to add value to his clients and thought this client need a team of professionals to address all the needs this client had.  Michael immediately brought in Dennis F. Rose, CPA (16-year member) and Gary Schwartz, Estate Planning Attorney (7-year member).  When it was all said in done, the Client S had a “Power Team” in place.

So why are we talking about Power Teams, because this client is now the single largest referral in the history of the San Fernando Valley BNI.  Michael Resnik, Financial Advisor is now managing an $8,000,000 account, Dennis F. Rose,CPA is now the accountant of record and Gary Schwartz, Estate Planning Attorney has created an estate plan that will make sure Client S’s wishes are addresses. 


Premier Financial Consultants, Gary Schwartz, David Schub and Professional Network Alliance are all separate entities.